Costume order procedure:

  1.  Ask Shelagh which costume you need and see if there are any used dresses available to fit your dancer

  2. If you need to order a NEW dress please visit our store page.

  3.  Once the store order is received you will receive an invoice from McGovern Irish Dance.Orders will go to the maker in groups of 5 or more at a time

  4. Team Wear Agreement form must be signed and the first payment or payment in full must be  made before order will be sent to dress maker.  

What Do You Need?

Costume Policy & Rental

Our costume policy is as follows: Dancers who choose to perform and/or compete must do so in our school costume. While we don’t require either performing or competing, any dancer who chooses to do so MUST have a costume.

How you wear your hair is part of the costume. ALL girls MUST wear their hair up in a bun wig when performing and/or competing.   Remember that you all are representatives and ambassadors of the school.  The school’s nice, neat, signature look is standard for all dancers.

You are not purchasing school dresses, skirts or capes, you are RENTING them. 
All MID school dresses, skirts and capes are property of McGovern Irish Dance.  You will be RENTING the costume until you outgrow it or leave McGovern Irish Dance

You will pay the rental fee only once (not yearly), you won’t need to get another dress or skirt until you outgrow your current one.  Once a skirt or dress is outgrown,  we will either find a used dress for you at a discounted rental price, or you will have to place a new rental order.  

In a typical year there are at least 50+ opportunities to perform and at least a dozen or more competitive opportunities.  

Renting a costume means that you plan to perform and make appearances for the school. The costume is only to be used by the person designated or approved by the McGovern Irish Dance.   Loaning of the costumes will void this contract and costume will need to be turned in immediately. Rental fees will not be refunded. The costume is only to be worn by current students of McGovern Irish Dance.   If the dancer leaves the school, is removed from the school, or has outgrown the costume; the costume is to be returned within 5 days of the last class or 5 days of removal. There is no refund of any rental due to leaving.

The costume agreement covers the length of time that your dancer fits the costume. If the costume doesn’t fit for the whole year,  you can either have the dress altered by an approved alteration provider or a new costume agreement will begin.

Dresses and skirts may not be handed down sibling to sibling, once you outgrow your dress or skirt you will need to return it to the studio.

Our new dresses (and skirts) are made with some growing room. They have approximately 3" in the sleeves, 3" in let-down, 2" on either side of the center back for let-out, and 1" seam allowance on the side seams for let-out. 

Alterations may be made to the costumes but must be approved by Shelagh in the Ohio studios or Judi at the Indiana studios. 

You are responsible for the costs associated with all alterations, repairs, cleaning and general upkeep of the costume.

At least 3 times per year a costume inspection will be held to make sure the costumes are in good shape.  It may be necessary for your dancer to have alterations to the dress.  If it is determined that a different costume is needed, then a new rental agreement will begin.


If you leave the McGovern Irish Dance either permanently or for a “break”, the costume and ALL ACCESSORIES must be returned with the dry cleaning ticket attached.  Any costume returned without being cleaned will be charged for the cleaning fee plus $30.  If you do not return the dress within 15 days of leaving you will be charged the full cost of a new costume. 


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